Innovative Radars

ISPAS Oil Spill Detection (OSD) radar uses the latest technology to achieve detection of oil on the sea surface under varying seastates, even seastate 0. The advanced FMCW polarimetric Ku-band radar has electronically scanning antennas covering 100 degrees in less than 0.2 seconds. The radar has been operational on the newest oil producing platform in the North Sea, the Edvard Grieg platform since October 2017.

The ISPAS Ku-band radar with dual polarized phase steered array antenna

ISPAS highly qualified expertise also covers all aspects of radiofrequency (RF) equipment from radars for Radar Cross Section (RCS) measurements to custom design RF equipment and radar/RF/RCS measurement assistance both for indoor and outdoor RCS measurements.

RCS Measurement radar 2-40 GHz

ISPAS was established in 2001 and is now located in Rygge, south of Oslo, Norway.